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Paelleras materiales

Finally you decided to make a paella and you found the best and traditional paella recipe online. But now you don’t know if the paella pan that you have at home will be good and if it will be big enough for the people that you are going to cook it. Besides, you don’t know if the paella burner will be big enough to cook it well.

Well, don’t worry because you are in the right place to clear all these doubts so that you can make a perfect valencian paella, for example, or a delicious spanish artichoke paella.
In this post I am going to reveal you the exact measurements that a paella pan needs for the people who are going to eat it. In addition, I will recommend to you the best type of paella pan in relation quality-price.
And finally, I will guide you on the size of the paella burner that you should have at home, in this way it will serve you to make any paella.

AMAZON_Paellera acero inox fondo termodifusor

How many people can eat from my paella pan?

The size of the paella pan is essential to get an exquisite paella.
The rice must to have a thickness of one finger or a finger and a half as much, with this tip you will get a real tasty paella. If it has more than this thickness, the rice will lose flavor.
Therefore, depending on the people who are going to eat, you must choose one size or another of the paella pan, to make the paella.
To help you in this matter and as a picture is worth a thousand words, I have created a visual guide with a simple retouched photograph.
These are the different sizes of paella pan that I have at home. As you can see, for each different size there are a number of people for whom you should cook.
Just following this little advice, you will see as you cook the paella much tastier than you did before.
So, you can do a test by following this guide and then in the comments, I’m sure you will thank me for helping you.

Dimensiones paelleras

AMAZON_Paellera acero inoxidable

Is the paella pan that I have at home worth?

Paella pan

Well it depends on, if the paella pan that you have is made of stainless steel or enameled steel, then it is worth it. But if, on the other hand, the paella pan is made of polished steel, then it isn’t valid to make an exquisite paella.
The paella pan made of polished steel is the cheapest, however it leaves a metallic aftertaste to the rice. That’s why I do not recommend it to you.
The stainless steel paella pan is perfect to make an excellent paella, but it is by far the most expensive paella pan of all. If you don’t worry about spending more money to buy the paella pan, then this is your choice.
Finally the paella pans that you see in the photo above, which are the ones that I have in my house, are all of the same material. This material is enameled steel and it has all the advantages of the above materials, however, it doesn’t have any of its drawbacks.
The enameled steel paella pan doesn’t leave metallic aftertaste to the rice and although this is a bit more expensive than the polished steel paella pan, the difference in price is worth it. Of course, this is cheaper than the stainless steel paella pan.
The enameled steel paella pan is the one that has the best value for money without any doubt. That’s why all the ones I buy are from that material.

AMAZON_Paellera esmaltada

I have a paella burner of 2 fires, is it enough to make all the paella?

No. This paella burner is worth only to make the paellas that are the same size or smaller than the paella burner itself.
Keep in mind that the fire must be distributed equally over the entire surface of the paella pan. In this way you get a rice that it is cooked evenly in any part of the paella.
The ideal is that you have at home a paella burner with 3 fires. With this paella burner you will be able to make paellas of all sizes, even those of 10/13 people.
As you can see the photograph, I have several paella pans of different sizes, but I only have one paella burner, and it is worth for all the paella pans.

Paelleras y paellero
AMAZON_Paellero 3 fuegos

✏ Summarizing . . .

The paella pan must be made of enameled steel so it has an adequate cost and above all it doesn’t leave a metallic taste to the rice.
The size of the paella pan should be the right one for the people you are going to cook. If you follow the visual guide that I created, you will not have any problem.
Finally, the size of the paella burner should be equal to or larger than the paella pan that you are going to use. So you ensure the perfect cooking of all rice equally.

Just following these 3 tips and making the traditional paella recipe, you can get a real valencian paella like the one we eat every week in my house. I hope I’ve helped

I helped you? Did you find it interesting?

If this is so, I would appreciate it if you would leave me a comment.
If you prefer to leave a review, it will also be welcome.
If you followed my advice and you cooked the most flavorful paella of your life, then share that for everyone to know.
Thanks for reading me.


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